April Showers, 2013 Times Square by Enid Alvarez


Image of April Showers, 2013 Times Square by Enid Alvarez

April Showers, 2013
Times Square, NYC Color pigment print 11x14
(through the windshield project)

about the artist:

Award winning photographer, Enid Alvarez was Born and raised in The Bronx where she developed
a deep affection for the culturally diverse world. The native New Yorker of Puerto Rican heritage went on to
become an experienced traveler, photographing people all over the world. Enid received her degree from The
School of Visual Arts in New York.
She worked as a Staff Photographer with the New York Daily News, photographing breaking news and feature assignments. Her photography captures the pulse of the city and the emotions of the people in it. As she drives the streets of the city, Alvarez is always on the lookout for that perfect photo. Whether it’s for a breaking story, a spot feature or candid shot, Enid strives to capture the essence of what is happening in the city. As a native New Yorker, Enid possesses an insider’s insight into many cultures.
Wherever the assignment takes her she seeks the “heart” of the people she meets. Her deep passion and
compassion comes through in her photographs. Currently, Enid photographs for the Wall Street Journal, the
Guggenheim Museum and continues to work on her personal projects.