Camera Design #1 by Liz Sales


Image of Camera Design #1 by Liz Sales

These photographs were made by using handcrafted film cameras that house crystal balls which double as lenses. The project was conceived in the spirit of early photographic experiments and out of an interest in the potential of photography—a medium which has become a natural part of our lives but was once an experimental field with no set standards.
about the artist:
Liz Sales is cataloged as a bibliographic items with International Center of Photography Library. A bibliographic item can be any information entity (e.g., books, computer files, graphics, realia, cartographic materials, or in Liz's case, Liz) that is considered library material as far as it is relevant to the catalog and to the patrons of the library in question.

Liz is the only human being recognized by the Library of Congress as a library holding and has an assigned Library of Congress and ISBN #.

For more information about Liz look up her library record at either WorldCat or go to The ICP Library and click on "search the Library's online catalogue."

*this image is framed