Mumbai, India, 2010 by Akshay Bhoan


Image of Mumbai, India, 2010 by Akshay Bhoan

8x10 in
non editioned
archival pigment print

"Originally named Bombay by the British, the city was renamed Mumbai 1995. For me the name Bombay always represented a more cosmopolitan stance whereas Mumbai, although closer to its roots, represented extremism, corruption and political upheaval.

In 2008 Mumbai suffered a major terrorist attack with insurgents killing over 130 people. And since then police presence has increased many folds in the city. Its impossible to miss the intensity of lingering tension in the city, specially in the monsoons, a time when Mumbai is truly exposed to the elements".

about the artist:
Akshay Bhoan is a Indian artist based in New York City. He graduated from the International Center Of Photography in 2015 and since then has exhibited in United States, Colombia, Mexico, India and Australia.
His work focuses on exploration of trauma, identity and migration through photography and other media.