"Puerto Rico" by David ‘Dee’ Delgado


Image of "Puerto Rico" by David ‘Dee’ Delgado

16 x 16 Print | color negative

about the artist:

David ‘Dee’ Delgado (NYC, 1976) is a Puerto Rican independent photographer based in New York City mainly focused in documentary and photojournalism. The interest of learning and his desire to help people made him realize the necessity of documenting his surroundings and broadening the conversation with the use of a camera.

He has had his work be part of the Jerome Avenue Workers Project, The Bronx Artist Documentary Project, Bronx X Bronx, No Longer Empty, Eddie Adams XXX. He is also a independent photojournalist for several clients such as The New York Times, Pro Publica, Roads and Kingdoms, Anthony Bordain’s Parts Unknown, Newsday, Gothamist as well as many others, He is also the Recipient of the 2017 Nikon, Bill Eppridge award for excellence and truth In photographic Journalism, Compassion for humanity, technical expertise and curiosity in the world around us.

Dee combines her work as a documentary photographer and photojournalist with design, public speaking, and teaching. He is the co-founder of 5 Journal an online magazine that features up and coming photographers.

Web: Dispatch.nyc
Twitter: NY_photographer
Instagram: Dee_bx