"untitled" by Robert S Johnson


Image of "untitled" by Robert S Johnson

8x10 inkjet print

about the artist:

Robert S Johnson is a freelance photographer. He is an accomplished Lightroom and Photography teacher. APA|NY awarded him the B&H and Phase One prizes in the category of landscape/architecture in 2015. He has self-published four books and appeared in numerous group shows most recently at The Griffin Museum of Photography and Providence Center of Photographic Arts.

Raised on the grounds of the Boston State Hospital, he returned to work on several locked wards during the summers while attending college. He received an MFA in Theater from UC San Diego and moved to New York City where he worked in Off-off Broadway for a decade. After 3 years as co-Artistic Director of THECO, he moved on. He edited a news show for Japanese speakers despite not speaking Japanese. He worked in the hotel audiovisual business and became a regional vice president. In 2008 he decided to devote himself to photography full-time


  • graffiti wall
  • water fountain


Image of "untitled" by Robert S Johnson