Untitled with Spiderman by Jose Aurelio Baez


Image of Untitled with Spiderman by Jose Aurelio Baez

about 8.5 x11in Mixed Media Collage

about the artist:
Jose Aurelio Baez
Jose Aurelio Baez (b.1986) is a visual artist who uses a combination of abstract painting and de-collage to discuss real cultural and socio-economic issues within a fictional setting. Visual inspirations range from public advertisements, newspapers, graphic novels and textures native to urban landscapes. The discussed issues are ideas are informed by his own experiences growing up in a working class Puerto Rican family. Often the focus in his work is around the relationship of the subject to the space around it, posing the questions of which of the two is more in control of the situation in that moment. Visually his work takes form the way one might recall details of a forgotten dream, a distant memory, or a glimpse into the future with much to be interpreted.